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What I did with my love for Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret!

April 07, 2017 119164452

Like many others I have a great love for the fragrance products from Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret. I find each store very intoxicating. I love everything from the variety of scents to the pretty packaging. I could roam each store for hours smelling each bottle and very carefully selecting a new scent.    Anyone who knows me know that not only do I love all of the “smell good” items I also love to get a good deal. Over the many years I have been a Bath & Body Works customer they have always provided multiple coupons....

Discovering Victoria Secret Beauty

April 05, 2017 119164452

As a plus sized woman I never really paid much attention to Victoria Secret before 4 years ago. As far as I knew Victoria Secret had nothing but underwear that would never fit me. Imagine my surprise when I was doing my normal sprint through the mall in my lunch break from work to Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale and lay my eyes on a whole table of Victoria Secret Beauty items. I immediately stopped and selected a few trial sized items. I then how to venture into the store to pay for my selections. I then...