Why I Love Bath & Body Works!

March 27, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

I love Bath & Body Works because it always fits. Doesn’t matter if I’m skinny or fat there is always a scent that feels like it is made just for me. All the pretty colors and bottles always feel like they are welcoming me when I arrive. I especially love it when you can smell the store before you even get to it. Most of the time I try to figure out which if the great scents is being used to fill the mall before I get to the store. 
My obsession with Bath & Body Works started in high school. When a new scent came out I was one of the first to get the scent. I never really smelled the scents I just bought them. I never really cared if the scent mixed well with my body chemistry I just want to have the newest scent. It was normally my mother who would tell me when I got something that just wasn’t right for me.

I remember products like the scented antibacterial wipes that I bought on almost a weekly basis. Cucumber Melon was my favorite in the wipes. I also remember getting a plug in device for the cigarette lighter in the car. It came with scented oils and pads that made the car smell great.

As I have gotten older I have learned to be more selective with scents but still get very excited when a new scent comes out. I believe the items I purchase the most are the wallflowers. I use them in every room of my house and workplace. I also keep the pocketbacs at hand constantly. I know it annoys some people at work but I don’t care.


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