What’s in your purse?

July 02, 2019 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

I have a friend who smokes and worries about smelling like smoke all of the time.   One day we were meeting at a restaurant for lunch.   When I arrived I could see her smoking in her car.  I pulled in got out and so did she.   As she greeted me she pulled a full sized bottle of Bath & Body Works Love & Sunshine out of her over sized purse.   She then proceeded to spray herself with it in an effort to get rid of the smoke smell.

Watching her do this made me wonder why she didn’t have the travel sized spray in her purse.  I also wondered what other products did she have in there?  So of course I asked.   She had a pursed sized hand cream and a foaming hand sanitizer.  I’m sure that over sized purse was heavier then all get out.

Just made me wonder how many woman are walking around with full bottles of products in their purses?


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