What Does The Color Of Your Lipstick Say You?

December 07, 2019 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

1. Bright Red 

Bright red lips are all about making a bold statement. This color projects a confidence and self-assuredness to the world.
If you subconsciously choose bright red lipstick, you are showing the world that you are a passionate being. You enjoy being admired, and you don’t mind if others see your sensual side.
For those who lack boldness and confidence, red lipstick can help transform you from a quiet wallflower into a more powerful version of yourself.
2. Mauve 

While many people interpret the word “mauve” differently, it is generally a lipstick color that is somewhat muted, but contains shades of both violet and gray.
Mauve lipstick is all about quiet control. This color reveals that you aren’t necessarily a flashy person, but you know exactly what you are doing. You are organized and patient. You prefer to plan carefully rather than jump to rash decisions.
You might want to don mauve lipstick if you are trying to subtly convince someone to do something. There is a large amount of power in the color’s.

3. Subtle Red 

Subtle red is all about modesty. A person donning this shade probably prefers being a wallflower rather than the centre of attention.
If you reach for a tube of subtle red lipstick, you are telling the world that you are a quieter individual. But that doesn’t mean you are boring. You possess a vast inner life – it may just take others longer to get to see the real you.
You might want to wear this shade on a first date. It sends the signal that the other person is going to have to put in a little extra effort if they really want to get to know you.
 4. Peach 

Peach lipstick is a shade that lets the world know just how good of a person you are.
This shade reveals that you are a kind and generous individual. You care deeply about your family and friends, and you always have their backs. You are very giving when it comes to your time, energy, and love.
You may want to switch to this color in order to receive kindness from strangers. When others perceive you as a generous person, they will behave similarly in response.
5. Hot Pink 

Hot pink lipstick is all about leading an adventurous life.
If you put on this color, it indicates that you aren’t afraid to show the world your wild side. Your favourite word might just be “yes.” You say “yes” to new adventures, new people, new foods, and new experiences. There are very few things that scare you.
If you feel that perhaps you are too stuffy or afraid to take chances, it might just be time to try out hot pink lipstick. The shade certainly can help you to take risks and throw caution to the wind.


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