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May 19, 2019 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

Just because your job, financial state, and lack of time is obstructing you from going on a tour, it does not mean you can never get to enjoy the experience. Bath & Body Works has in fact brought for you especially designed thick shower gels which are based on various scents and flavors unique to certain vacation spots.
Right off the bat, French Lavender & Honey Shower Gel is a sinfully fresh and aromatic presentation from Bath & Body Works. The gel is thick and sweet scenting enough to make you believe as if you are strolling through the vast fields of freshly sprouted lavender. As you rub the textured gel on your body, you feel as if your body is embracing cool breeze that flows in fields replete with lavender flowers.

Our Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel is equally impressive when it comes to propelling you into journey mode; only this time it is Tokyo and other beautiful cities of Japan. The red color which this gel comes in, matches with the red shrines, Japan’s “sun-mark flag” and the fact that Japan is the land of the rising sun, which makes your shower experience even more imaginative.

Who wouldn’t love to go to Paris? Bath & Body Works has ensured that those who love their body should get to relate to Paris as well. The Paris Amour Shower Gel combines the romance and red pinkish flowers of Paris to create a stunning imaginative scenario along with freshening up your body.

Similarly, we have a barrage of other shower gels to offer, which have the potential to take you on a trip to your favorite islands. The Tahiti Island Dream, Sea Island Cotton, and Island Edition Sleep Shower Gels are the most notable ones which along with letting you visualize the serene and sunny atmosphere of an island, induce a compelling fragrance on your body.
Wild Madagascar Vanilla Shower Gel combines wild and forest-oriented characteristics of Madagascar, and give you a feeling as if you are traveling through the rich green forests of Madagascar, sighting wild animals and birds on your way.

Country Apple Shower Gel has a rustic appeal to it which quickly reminds you of life in countryside. You imagine the beauty and proximity of the countryside to the nature during your shower session.

Do you want to take a trip to your favorite vacation spot while you take a shower? Let us know and our diverse range of fragrant shower gels will help!

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