That One Must Have Bath & Body Works Item

May 02, 2017 simpletreasuresforsaleblog

There seems to be that one item line in a store that everyone must have. In Bath and Body Works that one item line is pocketbacs. Why you ask? Pocketbacs are that one item for the following reasons. 

1. They are portable

2. They come in all your favorite scents

3. They are antibacterial

4. Everyone can afford one

These are just really my top four reasons. Im sure everyone could come up with a million more reasons to why pocketbacs are a must have.

I can’t tell you how many times I have noticed woman around me in different stores with a pocketbac and holder hanging out of their purses. They are small and can be carried in your purse or pocket without weighing you down. They come in all your favorite Bath & Body Works scents plus more. They fend off germs with the antibacterial properties. They are definitely one of the lowest priced items in the store which means pretty much everyone can afford one. 

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